Under 11 Red vs Upper Fern Tree Gully

North Ringwood Under 11 Red vs Upper Fern Tree Gully

@ Home 15/5/16

Nth Ringwood 5-5-35

UFTG 2-1-13

Goalkickers: Tully 1, Tommy 1, Smitty 1, Nashy1, James 1

This week we took on ladder leaders UFTG at home. Upper Gully had recently come up from C grade where they had won well every week. They enjoyed a comfortable win in their first week up and were going to prove a good challenge for our boys.

At training we have been working on our run and handball. Pushing back quickly from a mark or free kick and looking for a team mate running past to dish off a handpass and lay a shepherd. The boys have really embraced this style of play and their team footy has improved significantly week on week.

The key messages ahead of this week’s game were:


Being First for the Ball: Playing in front of our opponents, putting our head over the ball and picking it up off the ground

Protecting Each Other: Running in numbers and shepherding our team mates

Team First Footy: Looking for one another, sharing the ball, positive talk and encouragement and celebrating effort and good play.

FUN: Always!!

This week we were celebrating Tully’s 50th game; the boys lined up and cheered him onto the ground and through a banner. Well done Tully!

From the first bounce we were in for a contest. UFTG were a physical side and well organised. Our boys were under some real pressure when they had the ball and were being challenged when the ball was in dispute. Having said that, much of the play was being spent on or around our half forward line. We kicked the first 2 goals of the match and UFTG responded with 1 of their own. At quarter time we had 3 on the board to 1. The boys had worked really hard and it was a lot tighter than the 2 goal margin suggested.

The second quarter was a bit of a struggle. We scored 2pts for the entire quarter and thanks to some outstanding work from our backs we held UFTG scoreless. There were some fantastic tackles being laid from both sides and we were pleased to see the shepherds and bumps from our boys that we had talked about before the start of the game.

The second half picked up right where we finished the first. The game was very evenly poised with both sides kicking 1 goal each for the quarter. Their pressure on the ball was probably better than most if not all of the opposition we had faced during the first 5 weeks of the season. At the 3 quarter time break we encouraged the boys to continue to run hard and protect each other and we would come out on top.

To their credit, and as we have come to expect, the boys responded playing a great last quarter. We kicked 1 goal for the quarter which could very well have been a whole lot more and we kept UFTG scoreless.

Each of the boys should be proud of how they responded to a real challenge this week.

TOMMY – Our skipper buckled his knee in the final quarter that forced him from the ground in a great deal of pain. Up to this point he had been playing a real captains game for us, winning plenty of the ball, taking strong marks, kicking a nice goal and applying plenty of pressure on the opposition.

BENNY BARKER – Played down back for the first half this week and was then moved onto the half forward line. Benny impressed again with his attack on the footy. He runs straight and hard and has no problems laying a big tackle when required.

NOAH SANDERS – Such a smart player. Noah puts himself in the right position and sets up as we ask. He won some important contests this week and again used the ball well when he had it.

BENNY SPIETH – Played some good footy on the wing and up forward this week. Benny looked dangerous leading his man to the footy and reeling on to his left boot.

BAYLAN ELLARD – Coming off a couple of strong weeks Baylan again gave a solid 4 quarter performance putting his head over the footy all day and making some big tackles.

THOMMO GLIDE – Thommo has been getting better and better as the season progresses. Played a ripping game today, we all know how well he uses the ball but it was his contested play today that really caught the eye.

TYLER MILLWARD – Really took the confidence he picked up in last week’s game into this week. He again looked dangerous up forward turning his opponents inside out when he got himself in front.

BRENNAN DOBELL – Got a feeling Brennan enjoys games like this one. He was important for us all day with his pace and his attack on both the footy and the ball carrier. Backing himself and charging at the footy in the middle in the 3rd quarter (and winning it) was a highlight.

JAMES DEMPSEY – Great to see James clunking a couple of nice contested marks and converting to kick an important goal this week. James again gave us a great contest when we put him in the ruck using his body well.

OLLIE DOBBS – Ollie is at his best winning the footy and backing himself with some run and carry. Great to see him doing exactly that today bursting out of a couple of packs and driving the ball forward for us.

RYAN BRADSHAW – Had a stint on the wing, and down back this week. His cool head in the contest was exactly what we needed today. Stopped plenty of UFTG attacks and was integral in minimising UFTG impact on the scoreboard.

SAM TSOUKATOS – Another great game from Sammy. His terrier like run and hunt was ideal this week. It was especially pleasing to see him teaming so well and bringing his team mates into the game.

NASHY – Played with presence all over the ground this week. He is marking everything. Great to see him rewarded with an important goal for us this week as well.

BORIS IVANOV – Enjoyed a bit of a sweeping role down back this week. He too has been in great form marking well and using his body to win contests, protect his mates and tackle hard.

TULLY SMITH – It was a hot footy this week and Tully was in his element. Kicking the first goal in his 50th game was a thrill and his pressure on the footy was important all day.

JOSH BERNET – Josh is another smart player in our side. He was especially damaging across the half backline this week winning plenty of contested footy as UFTG pushed forward.

ZAC COWLING – Was in our best all day. Zac literally threw himself at the footy and the man all day. Proud to see him respond when challenged by a few UFTG opponents.

ARCHIE JACKA – A reliable performance from Arch particularly down back. Did everything we asked of him this week. He was disciplined all day in front and accountable for his opponent. Great to see him backing himself with the footy as well.

BRODIE SMITH – Smitty had another big game this week. He won a couple of 3 on 1 contests today that would most certainly have resulted in UFTG scoring opportunities had he not backed himself. He also kicked the sealer in the last quarter to put the result beyond doubt.

Big thanks to Flynny for filling in for us this week as well!

Congratulations to this week’s award winners:

Rebel Award: Zac Cowling

Canteen Award: Thommo Glide

Little John’s Pizza Award: Tommy Povey

Macca’s Award: Ben Nash

Macca’s Award: Baylan Ellard

Good win against good opposition this week team!!

See you on the track