Under 11 Red vs St Simons

North Ringwood Under 11 Red vs St Simons

@ St Simons 5/6/16

Nth Ringwood 8-6-54

St Simons 0-0-0

Goalkickers:  Thommo 2, Bradshaw 2, Baylan 1, Ollie 1, Tyler 1, Sam 1

The boys were away this week to St Simons who were a competitive unit the first time we played them back in round 2. It was a good night on the track during the week with the boys keen to bounce back after a draw the week before against the Waverley Blues.

The key messages ahead of this week’s game were:

Play in front: be in front of our man at all times

Do the team things: Shepherds, bumps and talk

FUN: Always!! Let’s enjoy ourselves!

This week we were also celebrating a couple of milestones with Ben Barker and Thommo Glide both playing their 50th games – well done boys!! The team were up and about before the game and were keen to get onto the ground and cheer their mates through the banner!

It was a big ground and the rain during the week made for pretty heavy conditions. Despite the drizzle the boys got off to a flyer and were handling the ball very well. The ball spent the entire first quarter in our half of the ground and at quarter time we had put 4 goals on the board to nothing.

At quarter time we reiterated to the boys that we would swing some changes at half time but we wanted to go into the second quarter with more or less the same line up from the first.

The second quarter got underway and the drizzle seemed to be getting a little heavier. Our attack on the footy and our numbers at the contest picked up right where we left off at quarter time. It was fantastic to see the boys looking to lay a shepherd, or bump their opponent off the ball. We were relentless and not giving the St Simons boys any chances to get into the contest. Our backline was especially stingy ensuring that every time St Simons looked like setting up a scoring opportunity they were denied and the ball was moving back in our direction. All of the boys down back were showing great discipline manning up and playing in front on every occasion.

We made a host of changes at the half time break and started the third quarter with a comfortable 6-2-38 to 0 lead. St Simons came out fired up ensuring that the third quarter was a hard fought contest. Pleasingly we continued to put our bodies in first for the ball. At three quarter time we had extended our lead by two points and were a little unlucky that we did not have a couple more goals on the board.

The message at the break was clear that the harder you work the luckier you get and that we would be rewarded for our efforts if we continued to play in front and be first to the ball. The boys finished off the game strongly kicking another 2-2 for the quarter.

The game was played in good spirits, and to the boys’ credit the opposition were very complimentary of their skill and the manner in which they conducted themselves.

It was a very even contribution from the boys this week with every player impressing at stages of the game.

TOMMY – As we have come to expect Tommy led from the front. Took some nice grabs in slippery conditions and used the ball well. It was great to hear him using his voice to pump the boys up and organise them during the game.

BENNY BARKER – Played his 50th and had a blinder! Great attack on the footy especially when he was moved into the middle. Ben got plenty of the ball and seemed to relish the conditions. Congrats Benny on your big day!!

NOAH SANDERS – Ever reliable, Noah was in front of his opponent all day and put together 4 good quarters of footy

BENNY SPIETH – Really impressed with Ben’s attack on the footy and his willingness to get down low and pick the ball up off the deck.

BAYLAN ELLARD – Great dash off the half backline and through the middle. He kicked a nice goal too.

THOMMO GLIDE – Playing his 50th this week he went into the game a little green around the gills and so we started Thommo off in the goal square. He looked likely every time the ball went forward. Kicked a couple and could have had a couple more – great game Thommo!

TYLER MILLWARD – Played the bulk of the game up forward. It was great to see Tyler launching himself at the footy, he also kicked a nice goal.

BRENNAN DOBELL – His attack on the footy was again a feature this week. Brennan’s  willingness to put his head over the footy is terrific to watch.

JAMES DEMPSEY – Really disciplined performance from James this week. James was in front and refused to be led to the ball all day. As usual he gave us a great contest when we ran him through the ruck – good 4 quarters of footy James!

OLLIE DOBBS – Played up forward and through the middle this week. Ollie was tough in the contest all day. His forward pressure was a highlight, ensuring that the St Simons boys had a tough time trying to clear the ball out of our forward line. Also kicked a nice goal.

RYAN BRADSHAW – Looked like Ryan enjoyed a run up forward this week. He kicked a couple of goals and teamed up to have a hand in a couple more. Always gives 100% and this week was no different.

SAM TSOUKATOS – Consistent as ever. Sammy’s competitive spirit was really on show in these conditions. He was hard at it all day and his run and carry was important. He pushed forward to kick a nice goal as well.

NASHY – Didn’t lose a ruck contest all day. Nashy ensured that our midfielders were given first use at every opportunity. Took some nice marks around the ground and won his own footy too when challenged.

TULLY SMITH – Started off the game running off a half back flank and moved up the ground eventually finishing in the forward pocket. Tully’s work off the ball, laying big shepherds and blocking for team mates was pleasing this week.

JOSH BERNET – Started down back where he showed great discipline closely checking his opponent and playing in front. Josh spent the second half in the midfield where he put his head over the footy and gave us a great contest.

ZAC COWLING –moved through the middle and showed his customary courage diving into packs and tackling opponents at will. It was another solid 4 quarter contribution from Zac this week.

ARCHIE JACKA – loves the contest. We give Arch a role down back every week and every week he gives us 110%. This week was no different. Well played Arch!

BRODIE SMITH – Played a good game this week both down back and pushing forward. Good to see Smitty hitting the footy hard all day this week.

Enjoy the week off and then lets switch back on ready to tackle Croydon at home in a fortnight’s time.