Parent Policy

All parents at our club have the right to expect that the committee will provide a safe and harmonious environment for their child to attend whilst playing football. In return the committee expects that all parents ensure that their behaviour does not bring the club into disrepute.

It is expected that all parents representing the N.R.J.F.C will:

  • Abide to all smoking, Alcohol and Drug Policies .
  • Never argue and co-operate at all times with coaches, officials, umpires or parents from the N.R.J.F.C or any other club.
  • Never verbally or physically abuse any person as above.
  • No swearing at inappropriate times.
  • Ensures your child arrives at the ground at the correct time with correct attire.
  • Fulfill your duties on the roster set by the Team Manager.
  • Ensure that all fees and outstanding monies are paid in full before the first
  • Ensure that under EFL rules dogs remain off the oval at all times during matches.
Last Modified on September 5, 2014
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