Injury Policy

Head Injuries: Any player that suffers a head injury either during training or game day will be taken straight from the ground and under no circumstance will take any further part in the match.

Any player that does suffer a head injury or concussion will receive an automatic 1 game rest unless he/she provides the Trainers Co-Ordinator with a medical clearance from their doctor.

If a player does suffer a head injury or concussion either an Ambulance will be called, referred to his/her nominated doctor or to parental supervision.

Injuries: All players and parents must report all injuries to the trainer which will then be kept in an injury report book. As with head injuries any injury that is deemed by the trainer or trainers Co-Ordinator that could have repercussions at a later stage will not be able to continue playing till that player presents a medical certificate passing him/her fit enough to do so.

Last Modified on September 5, 2014
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