Code of Conduct

Every participant in the club is bound by the rules of the club and its constitution which govern the way in which they conduct themselves and treat not only each other but also members, officials and supporters from other clubs.

The Code of Conduct supports the objectives of the Eastern Football League (EFL) by providing guidance as to the general standards of behaviour and ethical conduct expected of all club participants.

Our objectives are to:

  • Promote a spirit of co-operation within the club.
  • Promote a family environment to the Nth Ringwood Community.
  • Maintain high standards of integrity and conduct of everyone associated with the club.
  • Promote the principles of fair play in “ The spirit of the game”

Code of Conduct

  • All parents, players and associates are to show due care and respect for the club facilities and property.
  • Parents, players or associates found to be in possession of illegal drugs on club territory will be subject to the conditions of the incident resolution process as incorporated in the constitution.
  • Foul language used in the rooms or on the ground whilst supporting the club is not acceptable behaviour.
  • Physical or verbal abuse of club participants, other club supporters or officials is not acceptable behaviour and could be subject to the incident resolution process incorporated in the club’s constitution.
  • Racial vilification is not acceptable behaviour.
  • Behaviour bringing the club into disrepute is not acceptable
  • Contravention of league rules by players, members or associates is not acceptable behaviour.