Under 11 Red vs Lysterfield

North Ringwood Under 11 Red vs Lysterfield

@ Home 3/7/16

Nth Ringwood 11-8-74

Lysterfield 0-0-0

Goalkickers: Thommo 3, Tommy 2, Tyler 2, Nash 1, Archie 1, Flynn 1, Benny S 1

This week’s game was against Lysterfield at home. After a few solid days of rain the ground was heavy and we were ready for some wet weather footy. We had a great night on the training track during the week and despite the school holidays and the bleak weather the numbers were good and the boys were keen to run around and have a kick.

It was a big game this week for Noah Sanders who was celebrating his 50th game. Noah has had a terrific season of footy and like the rest of his team mates he is showing outstanding development as the season progresses. He is a very coachable young fella who gives 100% at all times and looks most comfortable reading the play and positioning himself across the half backline.

Not dissimilar to last week we had a chilly Sunday morning but the skies were clear and the boys were keen to get out into the middle. After the customary warm up in the room the boys were out on the ground and lined up for Noah to charge out and through the banner.

We started the first quarter kicking to the Oban Rd end. It was a sluggish start as we had numbers getting to the ball however we were not picking it up and getting it on. The Lysterfield team were working really hard to contain us. We worked our way into the game and by the end of the quarter we were starting to play some good team footy. We had 4 goals 3 behinds on the scoreboard and had managed to keep Lysterfield scoreless.

This trend continued into the second quarter as the boys added a further 4 goals straight to their quarter time scoreline. Our backs were well in control shutting down any potential scoring efforts from Lysterfield and at half time we had held them scoreless.

After the half time break we were rolling changes to ensure that all boys were getting exposed to both ends of the ground. And as we have seen all season long every boy without exception continued to give us a solid contest and were committed to doing the team things we talked before the game. We kicked 3 goals 5 behinds in the second half and managed to hold Lysterfield scoreless.

A great team effort again from the boys…

TOMMY – Was a great target up forward for us kicking 2 nice goals for the match. Tommy leads the competition goal kicking season to date with 13 majors. He is more than a handful for our opposition

BENNY BARKER – Had turns on the wing and down back. Benny won plenty of ball in tight through the middle of the ground

NOAH SANDERS – Celebrating his 50th game Noah played a ripper. He looks most comfortable across the half backline and repelled every opposition attack that came his way. We were a little concerned that he may have drowned after the game with some overzealous water torture from his mates

BENNY SPIETH – Kicked a sausage and played well. Benny is a confidence player and needs to believe. He can look so dangerous up forward.

BAYLAN ELLARD – Enjoying watching Baylan tuck the ball under his arm and back himself. He had a run up forward and was a little unlucky not to kick a goal.

THOMO GLIDE – Kicked a lazy 3 snags. Thommo is second to Tommy on the competition goal kickers list with 11. Classy performance all day.

TYLER MILLWARD – Blinder! Not much else to say really. Best game we have seen Tyler play. Kicked two goals, tackled hard, flew at his marks – Ripper!

BRENNAN DOBELL – Pushed through some discomfort again this week with sore feet. Brennan always gives us his best and this was the case again this week.

JAMES DEMPSEY – Played back, forward and through the ruck. James looked likely up forward putting himself in some great positions. We are looking forward to seeing James pull in a couple of big marks and kick a few – its coming.

OLLIE DOBBS – Great game from Dasher Dobbs this week. Had plenty of the ball and was in and under – great to see. He gave us plenty of burst this week.

RYAN BRADSHAW – Solid game from Bradders. He had a run up forward on the wing and down back. Read the game as well as ever.

SAM TSOUKATOS – Started forward and then moved onto the ball. Looked like he was going to kick 2 or 3 in the first quarter and probably could have.

NASHY – Started in the ruck, moved forward and kicked a goal. Nashy was also moved to centre half back where he took some big marks and kept the ball moving charging through the opposition and using the ball really well.

TULLY SMITH – Played predominately in the middle where he won multiple clearances. Worked tirelessly around the ground as well getting plenty of it.

ZAC COWLING – Played across the half backline for most of the day and was solid again. Tackles like a thrashing machine.

ARCHIE JACKA – We played Arch up forward this week. Absolutely rapt to see him kick his last gasp goal beating the final siren by a whisker.

BORIS IVANOV – Big Boris was good again this week. Some telling marks and good contests. We want to see Boris take it by the scruff!

BRODIE SMITH – What a beauty! Best game we have seen Smitty play. Was fantastic to see Brodie back himself in the contest, pick the ball up and take off. His use of the ball, particularly by foot was great – well played mate!

FLYNN SMITH – Fabulous! Looks dangerous up forward, little fella can smell a goal. Kicked a smart goal in the last quarter.

ISAAC MASON-BUTLER – Isaac was swapping forward with Flynn and had a quick spell on the wing. Really like Isaac’s attack on the footy.

Upper Gully next week – bring them on.

Under 11 Red vs Knox

North Ringwood Under 11 Red vs Knox

@ Knox 26/6/16

Nth Ringwood 7-2-44

Knox 3-4-22

Goalkickers: Tommy 2, Tully 2, Boris 2, Brennan 1

This week we were up against Knox away. We had had a comfortable win against Knox earlier in the season however the two teams were much more evenly matched than the final score indicated. They were a committed team hard at the ball first time around and we were expecting a similar contest this week particularly on their paddock (literally).

We are building towards the first, hopefully of many, finals campaigns that this group of boys will embark upon. It’s an exciting time for the group. That said, we have teams lining up to challenge us week in week out. It is important boys that we remain focused and calm and continue to play the team footy that has served us so well this season so far.

Again we had added incentive this week celebrating Josh Bernet’s 50th game. Like all of the boys Josh has been a solid contributor and integral member of the team this season. He has played some outstanding footy, particularly of late and we were all keen to ensure he topped off his big day with a win.

Out through the banner and we were away. From the outset Knox had come to play. At quarter time we had 3 straight goals on the board to a single behind but the game was far tighter than that scoreline suggested. Knox had had a fair portion of the play in their attacking half of the ground whilst our boys appeared to be tentative and spectating a little bit, watching their Knox opponents being prepared to put their head over the footy.

The second quarter saw Knox get some reward for their effort. They kicked 2 goals and 2 behinds for the quarter whilst we added a point to our quarter time score. At the main break we were lucky to hold a 4pt lead. At half time we urged the boys to lift. We needed to stop watching and start getting our hands dirty, protect one another and play our brand of footy.

We were a different team in the second half. Our pressure was back, we were picking up the ball and shepherding for our mates. We were running hard and getting back in defence to help out our backline. And up forward we had some energy and were teaming well and creating scoring opportunities. At 3 quarter time we had held Knox scoreless for the quarter and kicked 3 more goals ourselves.

The last quarter was a real contest with both teams adding a goal to their 3 quarter time score. The final siren sounding a hard fought 22 point win for our boys.

Tough game but what was most pleasing was the way the boys responded in the second half. There is a genuine care for one another amongst the group and a pride that spurs them on. Every single player lifted in the third quarter. This week was a great example of what happens when we don’t come switched on and then what can be achieved when we unite, support each other and run run run.

TOMMY – Captain’s game from Tommy this week kicking a couple of important goals when we needed them

BENNY BARKER – Was hard at it this again this week spending a bit of time on the wing.

NOAH SANDERS – Played some good footy across the half backline this week. Noah lifted along with most of his mates in the second half.

BENNY SPIETH – Really happy with how Benny responded when challenged this week.

BAYLAN ELLARD – Worked hard this week. Baylan was impressive down back in the second half.

THOMO GLIDE – Put together 4 solid quarters of footy this week. Really good game Thomo!

TYLER MILLWARD – Liked Tyler’s aggression this week at both the ball and the man with the ball.

BRENNAN DOBELL – Reliable as ever, Brennan struggled a bit with sore heels this week but still managed to find the pill and kick a sausage.

JAMES DEMPSEY – Competed well in the ruck and got a bit of the ball around the ground. Like lots of his mates got better as the game went on.

OLLIE DOBBS – Started down back and worked his way into the game. Really put his head over the footy in the second half.

RYAN BRADSHAW – So important with Thomo down back this week. A really consistent performance from Bradders – great game!

SAM TSOUKATOS – Really lifted in the middle in the second half to give us some drive and run.

NASHY –Again clunked a couple of important marks and got us going out of the middle again.

TULLY SMITH – Was solid in the first half but really lifted in the second half. He kicked a couple of big goals and won us plenty of contested footy driving the ball forward.

JOSH BERNET – Celebrated his 50th game this week. Josh was solid all day, it was great to see him get a win!

ZAC COWLING – Zac was good all day. Stood up when we were down in the first half and was just as good in the second when we got back in control.

ARCHIE JACKA – Started down back and had a stint up forward. As we have come to expect from Arch he gave great effort across all four quarters.

BORIS IVANOV – We gave Boris a bit of a razz this week and it was great to see him respond. He was a real focal point up forward and finished with 2 very handy goals

BRODIE SMITH – Played down back and looked to have suffered a nasty knock during the third quarter. He showed great commitment to tough it out, get himself back on the ground and contribute. Great work Smitty!

A special mention this week as well to our 3 under 10s, Josh Leahy, Flynn Smith and Isaac Mason-Butler who each brought terrific energy and effort to the team. Well done boys!!

Congratulations to this week’s award winners:

Rebel Award: Tyler Millward

Canteen Award: Ryan Bradshaw

Little John’s Pizza Award: Noah Sanders

Macca’s Award: Brennan Dobell

Under 11 Red vs Croydon

North Ringwood Under 11 Red vs Croydon

@ Home 19/6/16

Nth Ringwood 6-13-49

Croydon 0-0-0

Goalkickers:  Nashy 2, Tommy 1, Zac 1, Brennan 1, Tyler 1

No doubt everyone enjoyed the long weekend but I think we had all missed our footy fix. The boys were up and about during the week and had had a good session on the training track in pretty wet conditions. This put us in great nick for a heavy home ground clash this week against Croydon. We had a good hit out against Croydon first time around and they were coming off a solid win against East Burwood before the bye. We expected them to be confident coming into this week and keen to take it right up to our boys.

The key message to the boys this week was care of an inspiring individual, Martin Heppel l who we had the good fortune of meeting at the senior club during the week. Martin’s message was a powerful one that centred on 3 key truths:

 Gratitude: enjoy the moment; enjoy being together; make the most of what we have right now

Empathy: Caring for one another and understanding that as a team we are the sum of our parts – every single one of you is an important contributor to our team

Mindfulness: Being focused, staying calm and keeping in control no matter the challenge

We had another important milestone to celebrate this week with Sam lining up for his 50th game – congratulations Sammy well done!! As is customary the rest of the boys were keen to get on the ground and form a guard of honour for Sam to run through before tearing through the banner.

Given the conditions the game started off as a bit of a scrap. We were attacking the footy with our usual endeavour but we were over using the ball a bit giving one too many handballs when what we needed was a good kick forward to a team mate further up the ground. At quarter time we had 1-3-9 on the scoreboard with Croydon yet to score. During the break the message was to keep it simple, handball-kick. Feed off a handball out of a contested situation to a team mate in the clear and have them boot it to a team mate further down field.

The boys took this into the second quarter and kicked another 2 goals whilst still holding Croydon scoreless. At half time we were really pleased with the attack on the footy in the heavy conditions. We were first to the ball and controlling the play. What we wanted to see in the second half was a bit more protection and care for our team mates = lots of shepherding and talk.

Again the boys responded with a noticeable increase in shepherds during the third quarter which in turn freed up our run and push forward. With the bulk of the play in our forward half it was super important that our midfielders and wingers set up the wall. When we did this successfully the Croydon boys really struggled to clear the ball out of our forward line and our mids were able to mark, usually uncontested and drive the ball back into attack for us. At 3 quarter time we had added another 2 goals for the quarter to be 5-5-35 to 0-0-0.

At three quarter time we set the boys a challenge to finish the game with 10 goals. Accordingly we peppered the goals in the last quarter. We were forgetting to build the wall and as a consequence we had 12 boys and their direct opponents (and some) all in our forward line chasing the ball. It was a very good example of how effective the wall is. When we do build the wall we look dangerous and our forwards have more space to play within, when we forget it is too congested and we find it difficult to capitalise and finish off the good work. We ended up with 1 goal 9 behinds for the quarter with a final scoreline 6-13 to 0-0.

Another good even team performance from the boys this week.

TOMMY – Got better and better as the game went on. Did his best work forward of centre. Kicked a goal and was unlucky not to have another after selling some exceptional candy in the last quarter.

BENNY BARKER – Had leather poisoning this week playing midfield for most of the game and found himself on the end of some unsavoury treatment – which didn’t stop him!

NOAH SANDERS – Got plenty of the pill from start to finish. Really liked Noah’s willingness to get to the contest and lay a shepherd for his mates this week.

BENNY SPIETH – Dangerous as ever up forward, waiting for Benny to kick a bag – reckon its coming.

BAYLAN ELLARD – Worked his way out of traffic nicely on a couple of occasions showing his smarts to move the ball forward in the heavy conditions

THOMMO GLIDE – Showed us the way with his big boot. Great passage of play to start the second quarter sending the ball deep into our forward line just as we had talked at the break. Set up the wall nicely could have had a Croydon jumper on as they kept kicking it to him

TYLER MILLWARD – Kicked a sausage in the first quarter and just about had another with a nice little barrel after playing on from a clever mark. Knows where the goals are.

BRENNAN DOBELL – Kicked a nice goal this week and looked like he should have had another couple. Provided plenty of energy this week particularly around goal

JAMES DEMPSEY – Looked like James enjoyed the heavy conditions definitely knocking up a PB with his tackle count this week. Was good again around the ground when we threw him in the ruck

OLLIE DOBBS – Backed himself with some customary dash on a couple of occasions and was also prepared to get down and dirty with some nice big tackles.

RYAN BRADSHAW – Real utility this week with a run up forward, down back and on the wing. Cant recall Bradders getting beaten in a one on one contest

SAM TSOUKATOS – 50th game! Sammy was damaging in and around the midfield and proved a handful pushing forward.

NASHY – Continued to pull in some nice contested grabs and kicked a couple of goals. Was the dominant ruck on the ground

TULLY SMITH – Played mid and off a half back flank this week. Tully got plenty of the ball and showed good footy smarts launching the ball forward off the deck on a couple of occasions to clear the congestion

JOSH BERNET – Arguably Josh’s best game for the season. He was tough in and under winning plenty of the footy all day. Great game Josh

ZAC COWLING –Launched himself at the footy (and the man with footy) as per normal. Finished with a nice goal

ARCHIE JACKA – Started down back and moved forward in the second half. Arch informed us post game that he kicked his 3rd career point this week, was unlucky not to slot a goal. His forward pressure was very good

BORIS IVANOV – Back from Fiji. We liked Boris’s defensive efforts this week. Used his size well to out position his opponents on a couple of occasions

BRODIE SMITH – Smitty moved like a gazelle across the muddy ground this week. His speed is certainly a weapon for us. It was great to see him locking down on an opponent when he was down back.

Congratulations to this week’s award winners:

Rebel Award: Noah Sanders

Canteen Award: Ben Barker

Little John’s Pizza Award: Josh Bernet

Macca’s Award: Zac Cowling

That’s 10 games down, it’s hard to believe there is only 4 games left of the home and away season. Let’s stay focused and continue to believe in one another!

Under 11 Red vs St Simons

North Ringwood Under 11 Red vs St Simons

@ St Simons 5/6/16

Nth Ringwood 8-6-54

St Simons 0-0-0

Goalkickers:  Thommo 2, Bradshaw 2, Baylan 1, Ollie 1, Tyler 1, Sam 1

The boys were away this week to St Simons who were a competitive unit the first time we played them back in round 2. It was a good night on the track during the week with the boys keen to bounce back after a draw the week before against the Waverley Blues.

The key messages ahead of this week’s game were:

Play in front: be in front of our man at all times

Do the team things: Shepherds, bumps and talk

FUN: Always!! Let’s enjoy ourselves!

This week we were also celebrating a couple of milestones with Ben Barker and Thommo Glide both playing their 50th games – well done boys!! The team were up and about before the game and were keen to get onto the ground and cheer their mates through the banner!

It was a big ground and the rain during the week made for pretty heavy conditions. Despite the drizzle the boys got off to a flyer and were handling the ball very well. The ball spent the entire first quarter in our half of the ground and at quarter time we had put 4 goals on the board to nothing.

At quarter time we reiterated to the boys that we would swing some changes at half time but we wanted to go into the second quarter with more or less the same line up from the first.

The second quarter got underway and the drizzle seemed to be getting a little heavier. Our attack on the footy and our numbers at the contest picked up right where we left off at quarter time. It was fantastic to see the boys looking to lay a shepherd, or bump their opponent off the ball. We were relentless and not giving the St Simons boys any chances to get into the contest. Our backline was especially stingy ensuring that every time St Simons looked like setting up a scoring opportunity they were denied and the ball was moving back in our direction. All of the boys down back were showing great discipline manning up and playing in front on every occasion.

We made a host of changes at the half time break and started the third quarter with a comfortable 6-2-38 to 0 lead. St Simons came out fired up ensuring that the third quarter was a hard fought contest. Pleasingly we continued to put our bodies in first for the ball. At three quarter time we had extended our lead by two points and were a little unlucky that we did not have a couple more goals on the board.

The message at the break was clear that the harder you work the luckier you get and that we would be rewarded for our efforts if we continued to play in front and be first to the ball. The boys finished off the game strongly kicking another 2-2 for the quarter.

The game was played in good spirits, and to the boys’ credit the opposition were very complimentary of their skill and the manner in which they conducted themselves.

It was a very even contribution from the boys this week with every player impressing at stages of the game.

TOMMY – As we have come to expect Tommy led from the front. Took some nice grabs in slippery conditions and used the ball well. It was great to hear him using his voice to pump the boys up and organise them during the game.

BENNY BARKER – Played his 50th and had a blinder! Great attack on the footy especially when he was moved into the middle. Ben got plenty of the ball and seemed to relish the conditions. Congrats Benny on your big day!!

NOAH SANDERS – Ever reliable, Noah was in front of his opponent all day and put together 4 good quarters of footy

BENNY SPIETH – Really impressed with Ben’s attack on the footy and his willingness to get down low and pick the ball up off the deck.

BAYLAN ELLARD – Great dash off the half backline and through the middle. He kicked a nice goal too.

THOMMO GLIDE – Playing his 50th this week he went into the game a little green around the gills and so we started Thommo off in the goal square. He looked likely every time the ball went forward. Kicked a couple and could have had a couple more – great game Thommo!

TYLER MILLWARD – Played the bulk of the game up forward. It was great to see Tyler launching himself at the footy, he also kicked a nice goal.

BRENNAN DOBELL – His attack on the footy was again a feature this week. Brennan’s  willingness to put his head over the footy is terrific to watch.

JAMES DEMPSEY – Really disciplined performance from James this week. James was in front and refused to be led to the ball all day. As usual he gave us a great contest when we ran him through the ruck – good 4 quarters of footy James!

OLLIE DOBBS – Played up forward and through the middle this week. Ollie was tough in the contest all day. His forward pressure was a highlight, ensuring that the St Simons boys had a tough time trying to clear the ball out of our forward line. Also kicked a nice goal.

RYAN BRADSHAW – Looked like Ryan enjoyed a run up forward this week. He kicked a couple of goals and teamed up to have a hand in a couple more. Always gives 100% and this week was no different.

SAM TSOUKATOS – Consistent as ever. Sammy’s competitive spirit was really on show in these conditions. He was hard at it all day and his run and carry was important. He pushed forward to kick a nice goal as well.

NASHY – Didn’t lose a ruck contest all day. Nashy ensured that our midfielders were given first use at every opportunity. Took some nice marks around the ground and won his own footy too when challenged.

TULLY SMITH – Started off the game running off a half back flank and moved up the ground eventually finishing in the forward pocket. Tully’s work off the ball, laying big shepherds and blocking for team mates was pleasing this week.

JOSH BERNET – Started down back where he showed great discipline closely checking his opponent and playing in front. Josh spent the second half in the midfield where he put his head over the footy and gave us a great contest.

ZAC COWLING –moved through the middle and showed his customary courage diving into packs and tackling opponents at will. It was another solid 4 quarter contribution from Zac this week.

ARCHIE JACKA – loves the contest. We give Arch a role down back every week and every week he gives us 110%. This week was no different. Well played Arch!

BRODIE SMITH – Played a good game this week both down back and pushing forward. Good to see Smitty hitting the footy hard all day this week.

Enjoy the week off and then lets switch back on ready to tackle Croydon at home in a fortnight’s time.

Under 11 Red vs Waverley Blues

Under 11 Red vs Waverley Blues

@ Waverley 29/5/16

Nth Ringwood 4-10-34

Waverley Blues 5-4-34

Goalkickers: Nashy 2, Thommo 1, Brennan 1

It was a big game this week against the Waverley Blues, a side we have a lot of respect for. Both of our teams are evenly matched and play a similar game. We were fortunate to get a win against them in the first round of the season and knew that it would take our best footy to get a win this week.

The boys got off to a flying start this week exploding out of the blocks to push the ball forward and pepper our goals. It wasn’t long before we had a goal on the board and then another. We were up and about however we were unable to capitalise and at quarter time we had 2 goals 7 behinds on the board. Waverley managed to kick a goal against the flow of play and ended the quarter with 1 goal and 1 behind.

The message at quarter time was to keep working hard, manning up down back and having our midfielders pushing hard into defensive 50 to help out our backline. The second quarter began and it was very apparent that Waverley was now kicking to the ‘scoring end’ of the ground. Waverley from the bounce looked more likely, they were in first for the ball, running harder and out numbering us around the ball. Our backline was loose and playing off their man and our midfielders were not prepared to run as hard when Waverley had the ball as when we did. Consequently we were out worked and at half time found ourselves a couple of points behind with a real fight on our hands.

At half time the message was a simple one. Too many of our boys were waiting for it to happen and not making it happen. We were not as hungry as our opposition were and they were outplaying us accordingly. What we wanted to see was a willingness to do the team things; man up, get to the ball in numbers and put pressure on our opponents when we don’t have it.

The boys regrouped in the third quarter. There was a renewed discipline and effort and we had the majority of the play across our half forward line. Thanks to a couple of strong marks in the goal square from Nashy we were able to put a couple of goals on the board however similar to the first quarter we were a little wasteful and missed a couple of opportunities to put another goal or two on our opponents. Our backline was tight and managed to keep Waverley scoreless for the quarter. We went into three quarter time with a 13pt lead.

The last quarter played out in a similar fashion to the second quarter. Waverley kept us scoreless and worked hard to get well and truly back in the game. Our backline was under enormous pressure all quarter and did remarkably well to hold Waverley to only two goals. The siren sounded in the nick of time with both sides locked on 34pts a piece.

We can take plenty out of this week’s game boys, namely being a successful team starts and ends with all of us working together and doing the team things: manning up, running hard and supporting each other when we have the ball and when we don’t. Our best is good enough boys but we cannot expect to simply turn up and the job will get done – we need to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

Let’s now look forward to training and taking on St Simons next week.

Congratulations to this week’s award winners:

Rebel Award:
Brennan Dobell who played a blinder. Tough and reliable. Brennan ran hard for four quarters. He was desperate down back and dangerous up forward – a great game Brennan!

Canteen Award:
Ben Nash got a rev before the game and stuck it up us – he had a ripper. He was dominant in the ruck and a handful for Waverley up forward where he took a couple of big contested marks and finished off with a couple of goals in the third quarter.

Little John’s Pizza Award:
Brodie Smith put in a solid four quarter performance. He played down back and on the wing for most of this week’s game and got himself to contest after contest. Love his work ethic and his willingness to learn and improve – well played this week Smitty!

Macca’s Award:
Ryan Bradshaw our general – we know what we’ll get from Bradders week in and week out. Again this week he was important at important times. Well played Ryan!

Look out St Simons…

See you on the track



Under 11 Red vs East Burwood

Under 11 Red vs East Burwood

@ Home 22/5/16

Nth Ringwood 8-5-53

East Burwood 3-3-21

Goalkickers:  Tommy 2, Tyler 2, Thommo 2, Ollie 1, Ben S 1

This week’s game had us up against another solid opponent in East Burwood on the big senior NRFC home ground at Quambee Reserve. The East Burwood side had enjoyed a successful start to the season and were positioned in the top 4 on the ladder. We were expecting a tough game this week.

The key messages ahead of this week’s game were:

Welcome the Challenge: We are playing great team footy. Let’s enjoy the challenge that each game brings. Teams will be out to test themselves against us. Let’s continue to play our way – tough, skilful and fair team footy.

Protect Each Other: Use our voices to support each other and our bodies to shepherd, block and run hard for one another. Out-number our opposition to the ball.

FUN: Always!!

The first quarter started with us kicking into a strong breeze. East Burwood was a physical team and right from the start were hard at the contest and keen to apply some physical pressure on our boys.  They moved the ball well and kicked the first goal of the match. This seemed to click the boys into gear and we started to win the ball in the middle of the ground and put some pressure on their backline. Ollie kicked our first goal and Tommy slotted 2 more for the first quarter. At quarter time we had held up well against some exuberant opposition and a stiff breeze and were a goal in front of East Burwood.

The second quarter we had the breeze at our back. We settled into some pretty solid team footy using the wide open spaces of Quambee moving the ball in numbers and protecting the boy with the ball. Tyler kicked a couple of classy goals and Benny Spieth also put one through. Our backline was excellent holding East Burwood scoreless for the quarter. We ended the first half with a 4 goal lead.

At half time what was most pleasing to us was the attack on the footy by our boys. We continued to put our heads over the ball and were not concerned with any silliness happening around us.

The third quarter was a bit of a battle. We were again kicking into a strong wind and East Burwood was pushing forward pretty hard. They managed to outscore us in the third quarter kicking 1 goal 2 pts to our 2 points. The message at 3 quarter time was to run the game out hard and continue to play our game – good hard fair footy with eyes only for the ball.

The last quarter the boys lifted again and finished them off. Thommo kicked 2 nice goals and we again held East Burwood scoreless for the quarter running out convincing 32 point winners.

Again each of the boys should be proud of how they played this week. We continue to play hard but fair footy in the right spirit. We are proud of every one of you:

TOMMY – Recovered well from last week kicking two captain’s goals in the first quarter. He was a solid presence all game looking after his team mates and laying big tackles when required on the opposition. Tommy is currently leading the goal kickers for the season to date.

BENNY BARKER  – We were really proud of Benny this week. He received a bit of treatment from the opposition and showed plenty of guts and determination by continuing to just put his head over the ball and win the footy. Too good for them today!

NOAH SANDERS – Cool, calm and collected. Noah got plenty of it and did plenty with it. Great game again.

BENNY SPIETH – Great to see Ben picking it up off the deck cleanly and then using it well. He was rewarded in the second quarter with a nice goal.

BAYLAN ELLARD – Did some real hard work this week. Baylan played in and around the middle for most of the game and gave us some dashing run out of defence on a couple of occasions after winning his own ball. He is a confidence player and is playing very well.

THOMMO GLIDE – Got a feeling Thommo doesn’t mind kicking a sausage. He was on a roll in the last quarter kicking two clever goals and unfortunately our timed rotations had him due to come off the ground just after he kicked his second – AFL style.

TYLER MILLWARD – It’s great to see Tyler brimming with confidence. Always dangerous forward he kicked two nice goals in the second quarter.

BRENNAN DOBELL – Brennan again gave us plenty of dash and hardness around the footy. His attack on the ball really sets a tone for his team mates.

JAMES DEMPSEY – Again gave us great energy when we rolled him through the ruck this week. We know we’ll get 100% from James and that was exactly what we got.

OLLIE DOBBS – Picked up where he left off last week with some hard ball wins and bursts out of contested situations. Ollie kicked a nice goal in the first quarter to get us going.

RYAN BRADSHAW – Not dissimilar to last week we leant on Ryan’s leadership across our half backline. He consistently led his man to the ball and put himself in the right positions.

SAM TSOUKATOS – Sammy just loves to run and get his hands on the footy. We had him on the wing and off a half backline this week where he won some real important contests for us. Solid four quarter game.

NASHY – Rucked predominately and also had spells down back and up forward. Nashy got on top in the middle and gave us first use particularly in the last quarter when we kicked away.

BORIS IVANOV – Had spells in the ruck but he gave us real presence down back taking some nice marks and spoiling some East Burwood forward thrusts.

TULLY SMITH – Similar to last week it was a hot footy this week. Tully was getting some treatment off the ball but showed plenty of leadership maintaining his aggression at the footy and running hard all day.

JOSH BERNET – Played a ripper. Josh cleaned up down back when he was there, won his own footy all day in hot contests and tackled hard when he didn’t have it.

ZAC COWLING – Tough all day. We started him off down back and then moved him into the middle. Zac thrives in these conditions. He was in and under packs for most of the game.

ARCHIE JACKA – Played a blinder! Arch was solid as a rock down back all day for us. He won 1:1, 1:2 and a couple of 1:3’s. Spoiling, tackling, and most importantly winning the footy in front all day. Great game Arch!

BRODIE SMITH – Smitty clearly enjoyed the big ground and the space to run. We moved him forward in the last and he was a little unlucky not to kick a goal.

Congratulations to this week’s award winners:

Rebel Award: Archie Jacka

Canteen Award: Josh Bernet

Little John’s Pizza Award: Benny B

Macca’s Award: Ben Spieth

Another good win guys! Let’s keep it up and take it to Waverley next weekend!

See you on the track

Under 11 Red vs Upper Fern Tree Gully

North Ringwood Under 11 Red vs Upper Fern Tree Gully

@ Home 15/5/16

Nth Ringwood 5-5-35

UFTG 2-1-13

Goalkickers: Tully 1, Tommy 1, Smitty 1, Nashy1, James 1

This week we took on ladder leaders UFTG at home. Upper Gully had recently come up from C grade where they had won well every week. They enjoyed a comfortable win in their first week up and were going to prove a good challenge for our boys.

At training we have been working on our run and handball. Pushing back quickly from a mark or free kick and looking for a team mate running past to dish off a handpass and lay a shepherd. The boys have really embraced this style of play and their team footy has improved significantly week on week.

The key messages ahead of this week’s game were:


Being First for the Ball: Playing in front of our opponents, putting our head over the ball and picking it up off the ground

Protecting Each Other: Running in numbers and shepherding our team mates

Team First Footy: Looking for one another, sharing the ball, positive talk and encouragement and celebrating effort and good play.

FUN: Always!!

This week we were celebrating Tully’s 50th game; the boys lined up and cheered him onto the ground and through a banner. Well done Tully!

From the first bounce we were in for a contest. UFTG were a physical side and well organised. Our boys were under some real pressure when they had the ball and were being challenged when the ball was in dispute. Having said that, much of the play was being spent on or around our half forward line. We kicked the first 2 goals of the match and UFTG responded with 1 of their own. At quarter time we had 3 on the board to 1. The boys had worked really hard and it was a lot tighter than the 2 goal margin suggested.

The second quarter was a bit of a struggle. We scored 2pts for the entire quarter and thanks to some outstanding work from our backs we held UFTG scoreless. There were some fantastic tackles being laid from both sides and we were pleased to see the shepherds and bumps from our boys that we had talked about before the start of the game.

The second half picked up right where we finished the first. The game was very evenly poised with both sides kicking 1 goal each for the quarter. Their pressure on the ball was probably better than most if not all of the opposition we had faced during the first 5 weeks of the season. At the 3 quarter time break we encouraged the boys to continue to run hard and protect each other and we would come out on top.

To their credit, and as we have come to expect, the boys responded playing a great last quarter. We kicked 1 goal for the quarter which could very well have been a whole lot more and we kept UFTG scoreless.

Each of the boys should be proud of how they responded to a real challenge this week.

TOMMY – Our skipper buckled his knee in the final quarter that forced him from the ground in a great deal of pain. Up to this point he had been playing a real captains game for us, winning plenty of the ball, taking strong marks, kicking a nice goal and applying plenty of pressure on the opposition.

BENNY BARKER – Played down back for the first half this week and was then moved onto the half forward line. Benny impressed again with his attack on the footy. He runs straight and hard and has no problems laying a big tackle when required.

NOAH SANDERS – Such a smart player. Noah puts himself in the right position and sets up as we ask. He won some important contests this week and again used the ball well when he had it.

BENNY SPIETH – Played some good footy on the wing and up forward this week. Benny looked dangerous leading his man to the footy and reeling on to his left boot.

BAYLAN ELLARD – Coming off a couple of strong weeks Baylan again gave a solid 4 quarter performance putting his head over the footy all day and making some big tackles.

THOMMO GLIDE – Thommo has been getting better and better as the season progresses. Played a ripping game today, we all know how well he uses the ball but it was his contested play today that really caught the eye.

TYLER MILLWARD – Really took the confidence he picked up in last week’s game into this week. He again looked dangerous up forward turning his opponents inside out when he got himself in front.

BRENNAN DOBELL – Got a feeling Brennan enjoys games like this one. He was important for us all day with his pace and his attack on both the footy and the ball carrier. Backing himself and charging at the footy in the middle in the 3rd quarter (and winning it) was a highlight.

JAMES DEMPSEY – Great to see James clunking a couple of nice contested marks and converting to kick an important goal this week. James again gave us a great contest when we put him in the ruck using his body well.

OLLIE DOBBS – Ollie is at his best winning the footy and backing himself with some run and carry. Great to see him doing exactly that today bursting out of a couple of packs and driving the ball forward for us.

RYAN BRADSHAW – Had a stint on the wing, and down back this week. His cool head in the contest was exactly what we needed today. Stopped plenty of UFTG attacks and was integral in minimising UFTG impact on the scoreboard.

SAM TSOUKATOS – Another great game from Sammy. His terrier like run and hunt was ideal this week. It was especially pleasing to see him teaming so well and bringing his team mates into the game.

NASHY – Played with presence all over the ground this week. He is marking everything. Great to see him rewarded with an important goal for us this week as well.

BORIS IVANOV – Enjoyed a bit of a sweeping role down back this week. He too has been in great form marking well and using his body to win contests, protect his mates and tackle hard.

TULLY SMITH – It was a hot footy this week and Tully was in his element. Kicking the first goal in his 50th game was a thrill and his pressure on the footy was important all day.

JOSH BERNET – Josh is another smart player in our side. He was especially damaging across the half backline this week winning plenty of contested footy as UFTG pushed forward.

ZAC COWLING – Was in our best all day. Zac literally threw himself at the footy and the man all day. Proud to see him respond when challenged by a few UFTG opponents.

ARCHIE JACKA – A reliable performance from Arch particularly down back. Did everything we asked of him this week. He was disciplined all day in front and accountable for his opponent. Great to see him backing himself with the footy as well.

BRODIE SMITH – Smitty had another big game this week. He won a couple of 3 on 1 contests today that would most certainly have resulted in UFTG scoring opportunities had he not backed himself. He also kicked the sealer in the last quarter to put the result beyond doubt.

Big thanks to Flynny for filling in for us this week as well!

Congratulations to this week’s award winners:

Rebel Award: Zac Cowling

Canteen Award: Thommo Glide

Little John’s Pizza Award: Tommy Povey

Macca’s Award: Ben Nash

Macca’s Award: Baylan Ellard

Good win against good opposition this week team!!

See you on the track



Round 5 North Ringwood Under 11 Red vs Lysterfield

Round 5 North Ringwood Under 11 Red vs Lysterfield

@ Lysterfield 8/5/16

Nth Ringwood 13-17-95

Lysterfield 0-0-0

Goalkickers: Zac 2, Bradshaw 2, Tommy 1, Sam 1, Thommo 1, Tully 1, Boris 1, Brennan 1, Smitty 1, Baylan 1, Tyler 1

This week we took on Lysterfield away on a bit of a wet old Sunday Mother’s Day morning. The boys were coming off 4 solid wins to start the season and had been playing some good footy.

The key messages for this week’s game were:

Forming the Huddle: Focus on the boys playing in the backline and midfield working  hard and fast to ‘huddle up’ at centre half back as soon as the opposition kick a point and then break when our full back is ready to kick the ball in.

Building the Wall: Again making sure that our midfielders and wingers stay out of our forward line when we are attacking making it hard for the opposition to clear the ball out of our forward line.

Team First Footy: Looking for one another, sharing the ball, positive talk and encouragement and celebrating effort and good play.

FUN: Always!!

The boys were clearly keen to put on a show for Mum or Nan this week because from the first bounce the boys were ‘on’.

In wet slippery conditions we were first to the ball and keen to put our heads over it. We were running just as hard when we didn’t have the ball as when we did and we were putting plenty of pressure on the opposition.

We worked hard at training during the week learning the finer points of ‘building the wall’ and locking the ball in our forward line. The Lysterfield boys were not getting any easy kicks and when they did manage to get their hands on the ball they were generally trying to clear it out of our forward line. It was AWESOME to see the boys organising themselves and encouraging their mates to get into position and build the wall.

We also talked about playing team first footy and the boys responded. Without a doubt it was our most even team performance for the season. Without exception we had a dedicated team of boys all playing for each other this week. There were some fantastic passages of play with boys running hard to receive a handball or looking for a team mate and hitting them with a beautiful kick rather than blazing away and bombing the ball long.

Well done to each and every one of you this week – we had a team full of best players. We are watching you gel as a team every week and grow in confidence as a group. We have some big games ahead of us in the coming weeks but we know that our best footy is certainly in front of us!!

Lastly – Happy Mother’s Day to all of our super Mums! What a sight to see the boys and their Mums singing the song together at the end of the game!!! Brilliant.

It was difficult not to give you all an award this week.

Congratulations to each of the award winners below:


Rebel Award: Josh Bernet

Josh had a great game winning plenty of the footy. Josh is proving a great team player who brings his team mates into the game with his clever use of the footy.

Canteen Award: Thommo Glide

Our vice captain. Thommo played a solid game show casing his neat skills. His penetrating left boot is a treat to watch. He used it well all game and kicked a nice goal.

Little John’s Pizza Award: Archie Jacka.

We love watching Arch attack the footy and he got plenty of it this week. His work off the ball supporting his mates is impressive. He is growing in confidence every week.

Macca’s Award: Tyler Millward.

It was great to see Tyler back himself this week. He too is a treat to watch with the ball in his hands. He is always dangerous around goal and it was no surprise to see him take a nice mark and slot a beautiful set shot goal.

Macca’s Award: Brodie Smith

Smitty is a very coachable young footballer. He too is growing in confidence every week. It’s pleasing to see him winning the footy and working just as hard when we don’t have it. He has pace to burn and this was on display again this week.

Well done boys – we’re building!!

See you on the track

Round 4: Under 11 Red v Bayswater

Round 4:  Under 11 Red v Bayswater

Coach – Dean Tulloch

Assistant Coach – Ross Coleman

North Ringwood 7.11.53 v Bayswater 1.7.13

Goal Kickers:  Archie 1, Mason 1, Nathan 1, Joel 1, Xavier 1, Tyson 1, Felix 1.

With the team sitting at 3 wins from as many matches, the feeling amongst the group has been really strong.  We had a strong win in Round 1, and then struggled with numbers in Round 2 (playing with 13) and Round 3 (playing with 14).  It is a real credit to the lads and their families to play with less players than the opposition and simply stick tot he basics.  And so far, so good.

Today saw us face off against Bayswater in blustery conditions at Quambee.  With those conditions, we had some key messages before the game.  Firstly, as it is every week, it’s about team footy and linking up with your team mates.  Secondly, in the event of wet weather footy (which was the case in the second half!) we need to keep the ball in front of us and kick long down the line.  We knew that the ball player would be rewarded today in these conditions – so armed with all of that information, we were off.  Oh – and like every week, if we don’t play to have fun, then what’s the point ?  So fun is what we had – again.

The good news is today we had a team of 18, with Sam and Kye joining us from the UNder 10s,  Our opposition had 17 players, so we played 1 on the bench to keep things fair.

We opened the game with Hamish looking after the Ruck duties, supported by Nathan, Mason and Joel in the pivot.  We had a lot of the ball early, with Will controlling things across Centre Half Forward.  Joel was playing a blinder as our Rover, which continued throughout the day as he moved across multiple positions.  Archie continued his solid form as a key ball winner for us across half forward.  Two new players to our team this year – Tom and Dylan – both had terrific opening terms and are going to play key roles for us during the year.  Great start lads!

The second quarter saw us change our et up again, with Will moving to the rick with Jackson, Ky and Henry in the engine room.  We had a lot of great link up footy in the second quarter – which was so encouraging to see.  We know that to be successful you need to put team first – and this certainly is showing.  The notes I wrote down during this quarter was ‘sharing and caring’.  Great quarter by Felix as he continued to create chances for himself and those around him.

We emerged from the sheds at half time to heavy rain – and for the first time – cold weather!  We again moved our ruck stocks around, with first year player Connor rucking for the first time.  Connor did a great job for us and worked hard through the midfield with Tom, Hamish, Archie and Lachy.  The change in the weather tested us and we only managed 1 goal 1 behind to Bayswater’s 1 goal 6 behinds.  The goal we did kick was great link up footy with a great finish by Xavier.  Inaccurate kicking from the opposition really helped us – otherwise it could have been a very different story.

In the final term, we threw Will back into the ruck with Tyson, Nathan and Xavier as his supporting cast.  The game picked up a notch with many inside 50s and many chances created.  The boys continued to chase, tackle and play smart footy.  What I really like about our team is that they are simply focussed on playing football,  We respect our opposition and we rexpect the umpire.  Great job guys.  Some highlights:


*  Tyson McBain’s banana goal from the boundary

*  Mason Emery for a brilliant goal under pressure

*  Archie Flynn – fantastic accurate kicking efficiency – continued to hit targets

We have appointed 4 boys into our leadership positions – and congratulations goes to:

Captain:  Nathan Smith

Vice Captain:  Jackson Oakley

Deputy Vice Captains:  Will Coleman and Tyson McBain

Awards this week:

Rebel Award:  Joel Grundy.  Terrific four quarter effort – and a goal !  Great work Joel

Little Johns Pizza Award:  Xavier Gorman – great to ave the Gorman’s back for a full game – Xavier relished the conditions.

Maccas Award:  Ky Bakker.  Ky has been really solid for us for a few weeks now – great work Ky.

Canteen Award:  Sam.  Sam joined us today after playing in the Under 10s – he attacked every contest and did a great job.

We have a great coaching and support team in the Under 11 Blacks.  Special mention to Fiona and Chris Oakley (our Team Managers) who are doing a stellar job in their first season in such a role.  We are very lucky to have you on our team.  Our Assistant Coach, Ross Coleman, marshalls the boys pre-game and is fantastic from start to finish.  All of the other parents know who they are  – and the support is well received and very much appreciated.  A big thank you also to Lachy (boundary), Flynn (water) and our runner – Carli.

And finally – a big thanks to Matt Povey, Jake Smith and Mal Ellard.  My coaching buddies from the past few years.  These guys coach our boys during the week as one squad.  They are not only teaching them to be better footballers, but to respect each other and the game.  We are very lucky at our club to have a great group of coaches and helpers that make everything tick.  Great work.