Grievance & Incidents

The committee of the NRJFC has introduced a grievance / incident report, for grievance resolution for unresolved issues between players, parents, coaches or team officials.

The process should be to speak directly to the person, if unresolved obtain a report from the team manager and complete the report, present to Coaches Co-Ordinator. If incident is still unresolved matter will be escalated to the President.

Any game day issues please direct straight to your Team Manager.

Parent Policy

All parents at our club have the right to expect that the committee will provide a safe and harmonious environment for their child to attend whilst playing football. In return the committee expects that all parents ensure that their behaviour does not bring the club into disrepute.

It is expected that all parents representing the N.R.J.F.C will:

  • Abide to all smoking, Alcohol and Drug Policies .
  • Never argue and co-operate at all times with coaches, officials, umpires or parents from the N.R.J.F.C or any other club.
  • Never verbally or physically abuse any person as above.
  • No swearing at inappropriate times.
  • Ensures your child arrives at the ground at the correct time with correct attire.
  • Fulfill your duties on the roster set by the Team Manager.
  • Ensure that all fees and outstanding monies are paid in full before the first
  • Ensure that under EFL rules dogs remain off the oval at all times during matches.

Player Policy

To play football for your local club gives you the opportunity to have great time to play football with your mates. As well as this it gives you the opportunity to learn the skills of our great game. Part of learning however is to learn how to conduct yourself both on and off the field.

It is expected that all players representing the N.R.J.F.C will:

  • Abide to all smoking, Alcohol and Drug Policies.
  • Never argue and co-operate at all times with coaches, officials, umpires or parents from the N.R.J.F.C or any other club.
  • Never verbally of physically abuse any person as above.
  • Always show the greatest respect of sportsmanship at all time.
  • Always report to the Team Manager or Coach the day before match day if you are unable to play.
  • Wear a mouth guard at all times during training and match day.

NRJFC Committee Policy

By taking on a role at committee level each person must accept all responsibilities that their role entails. Each committee member must ensure their behavior and demeanor sets an example for others to follow.

It is expected that all parents representing the N.R.J.F.C committee:

  • Abide to all smoking, Alcohol and Drug Policies.
  • Ensure all coaches have the necessary resources for their players.
  • Make themselves available to assist parents with questions and requests.
  • Receive and give constructive criticism.
  • Effectively oversee the operation of the club, including all financials and administrative arrangements.
  • Support all decisions made by the members of the committee.

Anybody that is affiliated with the N.R.J.F.C that does anything that the committee feels can harm the club or an individual will be brought before a special committee.

Injury Policy

Head Injuries: Any player that suffers a head injury either during training or game day will be taken straight from the ground and under no circumstance will take any further part in the match.

Any player that does suffer a head injury or concussion will receive an automatic 1 game rest unless he/she provides the Trainers Co-Ordinator with a medical clearance from their doctor.

If a player does suffer a head injury or concussion either an Ambulance will be called, referred to his/her nominated doctor or to parental supervision.

Injuries: All players and parents must report all injuries to the trainer which will then be kept in an injury report book. As with head injuries any injury that is deemed by the trainer or trainers Co-Ordinator that could have repercussions at a later stage will not be able to continue playing till that player presents a medical certificate passing him/her fit enough to do so.

Smoking Policy

Whilst the committee of the N.R.J.F.C respects the right of the individual to smoke within the boundaries of the ground, we will not permit any coaching staff whilst coaching either at training or on game day, this rule also applies under the EFL rules.

There is a total ban on smoking within the clubrooms, change rooms and in the coaches box ( Also apply under EFL rules). The committee would also urge that no one smoke on the ground whilst at a break when the coach is addressing the players.

In view of the consequences of smoking and its effects on all players, parents and supporters are asked to adopt and respect these policies.

Alcohol Policy

Under the rules of the Eastern Football League a total ban on alcohol consumption within the boundaries of any ground on game day whilst the game is in progress.

Alcohol will only be served after the conclusion of the Under 15/16 matches.

There is a total ban on alcohol on the ground and in the car park area during training nights.

No alcohol to be served to anybody under the age of 18.

The bar staff reserve the right to refuse anybody alcohol.

Code of Conduct

Every participant in the club is bound by the rules of the club and its constitution which govern the way in which they conduct themselves and treat not only each other but also members, officials and supporters from other clubs.

The Code of Conduct supports the objectives of the Eastern Football League (EFL) by providing guidance as to the general standards of behaviour and ethical conduct expected of all club participants.

Our objectives are to:

  • Promote a spirit of co-operation within the club.
  • Promote a family environment to the Nth Ringwood Community.
  • Maintain high standards of integrity and conduct of everyone associated with the club.
  • Promote the principles of fair play in “ The spirit of the game”

Code of Conduct

  • All parents, players and associates are to show due care and respect for the club facilities and property.
  • Parents, players or associates found to be in possession of illegal drugs on club territory will be subject to the conditions of the incident resolution process as incorporated in the constitution.
  • Foul language used in the rooms or on the ground whilst supporting the club is not acceptable behaviour.
  • Physical or verbal abuse of club participants, other club supporters or officials is not acceptable behaviour and could be subject to the incident resolution process incorporated in the club’s constitution.
  • Racial vilification is not acceptable behaviour.
  • Behaviour bringing the club into disrepute is not acceptable
  • Contravention of league rules by players, members or associates is not acceptable behaviour.